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This website has been created by me, Scott Mason, of 9-10 St Andrews Square Edinburgh County Edinburgh EH2 2AF.

Sadly I don't own a Lotus car and never have done although I am the proud owner of a Mazda MX5; perhaps the nearest thing to a traditional (ie Colin Chapman era) Lotus. However a few years ago I did borrow a friend Alan's old Elite for the day and was very happy with it; it was fun to drive and swinging around the country lanes of North Yorkshire was a dream come true. However my friend was a little less happy with his car. After all he had to maintain it and the fibreglass body had a habit of coming away from the engine gearbox and transmission! I'm sure it wasn't as dramatic as it sounds and Alan has always been prone to exaggerate a bit. Plus, to be fair, it is around sixty years old so I guess the warranty is well expired by now.

My MX5, though, has now covered around 70,000 miles and apart from tyres and disc pads, plus normal servicing, it has never given me any problems at all. I wonder if Colin Chapman could have produced something similar if he had had more funding, or perhaps a more sales oriented partner.

Anyway; if you fancy contacting me for a chat about Lotus cars or to point out inaccuracies, missing information, unfair criticism or any other defects in this otherwise admirable website please drop me a line - the address is above - or email me: petrolfreak (at) Looking forward to hearing from you.

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